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Preferred Essential Oils Weight Loss


When it comes to essential oils weight loss there are a number of oils that include sandalwood, grapefruit, bergamot and peppermint that can positively impact an individual’s goal towards weight loss when they are combined with exercise and a healthy eating plan.

While the essential oils may not directly assist in shedding excess weight, they are able to boost the dieter’s mood as well as diffuse the body with vitality and energy. Essential oils can be found in a variety of health-food supply stores or they can be ordered online.


sandalwoodGrapefruit essential oil is suggested to assist in decreasing water retention as well as a method to dissolve fat. A major ingredient found in this oil is known as limonene which assists in releasing fatty acids that are broken down and later used as energy inside the body. In addition Grapefruit essential oil is also known as an effective appetite suppressant.


Peppermint essential oil is known as a powerful digestive aid and assists in easing upset stomachs. According to the well-known Dr. Alan Hirsh, this particular essential oil is an effective aid for trying to lose weight as it works in the brain’s satiety-center that encourages the body to feel full. To use this oil it is suggested to use two to three drops in a handkerchief or tissue and inhale the oil before eating a meal in order to decrease one’s appetite. Other methods to use the oil would be to add two drops to a tea or a glass of water and drink this mixture directly before eating.


Sandalwood is another preferred essential oils weight loss that encourages a feeling of well-being. This oil is also effective for its medicinal features for skin treatments, a sedative and astringent. Sandalwood is linked to its abilities to influence negative behavior and cell programming which has an influence on the brain in order to resist overeating or temptations. The oil can be inhaled to assist in helping a person feel calmer and more secure.

How Essential Oils Work For Weight Loss

An research facility known as The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Institute based in Chicago discovered that when inhaling certain culinary scents such as Lemon, Oregano or Basil on a regular basis, particularly when a person feels hungry, they can suppress their desires that make them want to eat more. For the best results it has been suggested to inhale essential oil aromas at least three times for each nostril before meal times.

Which Essential Oils To Use

The majority of individuals prefer smells that are sweeter. Fragrances that is similar to chocolate produce serotonin which is linked to cravings for sweet things. Therefore smelling a fragrance such as chocolate can decrease the desire to indulge in sweets. The most successful oils in the form of a weight loss aid included peppermint, green apples and banana. The medicinal and flower smelling oils are regarded as ineffective, while oils that are associated with culinary and cooking herbs were discovered as the best choice.

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