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Use These Essential Oils To Lose Weight Faster

massage essential oils

Natural weight loss remedies include essential oils of different kinds. When hearing this, people often immediately think of cooking with these oils, but it’s also about aromatherapy. Massages with some of these oils can also be part of the process.

These essential oils can be diluted and blended together, but of course that requires that people are familiar with the process. Appointments can be made with practitioners for massages or aromatherapy as well. When studying up on essential oils to lose weight, consider these top choices.

Peppermint oil is often used by people as an appetite suppressant. The only thing that’s required for a person to use it for aromatherapy prior to meals. A solution like this can be much better than a synthetic supplement that is supposed to work to suppress people’s appetites.

massage essential oilsOf course, it can also be simply an extra measure taken to feel fuller and eat less when enjoying meals. Appetite has everything to do with a particular portion of the brain that this oil is said to help redirect.

One suggestion for mixing essential oils to lose weight deals with using coconut oil as the dilution agent. Capsules can be filled with the oils to be taken orally. For example, one suggested mixture includes the peppermint oil mentioned above. In other words, in this case the peppermint oil would be ingested. Along with the peppermint oil, grapefruit oil and lemon oil can be added. For a capsule, the solution would call for two drops of each of those essential oils for a total of six drops and then double that when you add the coconut oil, meaning 12 drops.

When reading about essential oils for weight loss, appetite suppressants are going to be mentioned quite often. However, there are other benefits to look for as well, including the calming effect that lavender and bergamot produce. Pay attention to other mood lifting benefits that come with using certain oils, too. Rose geranium essential oil is another helpful oil, and it’s also said that it can help with cellulite. Cellulite is definitely a problem that people trying to lose weight are often trying to address.

Some of the oils are used for skin toning as well, which is yet another reason why massage therapy comes into play. Tangerine oil is one of those oils, and it’s also supposed to help people with increased metabolism. The tangerine oil can also be mixed with the bergamot oil that was mentioned.

There are essential oil starter kits that can be bought so that the oils don’t have to be purchased separately. Pay attention to essential oils used for aromatherapy that can help ease symptoms of anxiety and depression, too. Remember that overeating can be tied to emotions, and these oils can provide some of those mood lifting benefits mentioned earlier that help when dieting. The essential oils can be blended as mentioned, or you can gather several of them and use them individually for their weight loss benefits.