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Fantastic Weight Loss Essential Oils To Use

cinnamon essential oils

When it comes to losing weight, you need to take advantage of every strategy possible. Weight loss essential oils should definitely be in your plans to maximize your weight loss efforts. You will discover that there are several choices available, each working in a specific manner and with a unique fragrance.

Essential oils have been used throughout recorded history to help people around the globe. A specific portion of a given plant is extracted in order to have the beneficial components. These essential oils might be taken from the seeds, roots, leaves or another part of a plant. The following show promise in weight loss assistance:


cinnamon essential oilsThis citrus essential oil has a bright, crisp fragrance and is one of the best choices in weight loss aids. There are two components believed to help with weight loss in this aromatic oil. The first, limonene, causes the body to break down and dissolve fat cells. The other, nootkatone, is involved with metabolic rate and energy levels.

Not only will the oil promote fat breakdown, it will also stimulate your lymph system. You should notice a decrease in food cravings if you use grapefruit essential oil regularly.


While you might associate cinnamon with sweet rolls or apple crisp, it is actually a quite useful ingredient in the kitchen. Cinnamon essential oil will work naturally to help balance your blood sugar levels. This will reduce your food cravings throughout the day. Not only should you eat less as a result, it will help with conditions related to blood sugar as well.

Cinnamon is useful in metabolism and fat burning. Another benefit of this fragrant oil is a reduction in inflammation. Anyone with concerns about glucose levels should add this essential oil to their natural medicine cabinet.


Peppermints are served in restaurants at the conclusion of a meal with good reason. Although their products no longer contain real peppermint in most cases, the practice is rooted in the benefits of peppermint in relation to digestion.

The oil improves the production and flow of bile, making digestion easier and smoother for your body. Additionally, it minimizes bloating associated with consumption.

While there are other weight loss essential oils, these will provide a great start for you. From regulating your blood sugar levels to burning more fat, you can find what you need in this list. In order to get the most benefit from your essential oils, you need to use them properly.

The easiest way for most people is to use them in a diffuser made specifically for essential oils. Alternatively, you can dilute some in a carrier oil and apply to your skin. Never use it directly on your flesh and be careful around sensitive tissues.

Take control of your body and your health starting now! Use these essential oils and other holistic treatments in order to shed the excess weight you are carrying around. Doing so will help you to look and feel fantastic all the time!